About FitBeats

Started in September 2005,  FitBeats has developed, produced and supported it’s own music using state of the art software and technology.  FitBeats is copyrighted and The Fitness MP3 Leader is our Trademark.

We offer FitBeats in English, Spanish and German.


Real People. Real Workouts. Real Results.


FitBeats was created by an athlete training for a race, he found that training with his MP3 player helped improve his effort.  When it came to doing variation work he found that working with his watch and music was challenging.   FitBeats was created to help note the interval times and provide added motivation.  The founder, Gregory Tanner has completed various running, cycling and triathlon events throughout the world.


Gregory turned to respected and well known professionals who coach and help develop programs  that “real people” would use and improve from. The team at FitBeats is  focused on bringing success to individuals via experience as professional athletes and coaches.  FitBeats  applies experience as an age group triathlete and a professional athlete to developing FitBeats programs that work for the average person.